Weisz Tempus
by on January 22, 2017 in CAC

Weisz Tempus is a new interdisciplinary work by the Collaborative Artists Company. The project involves artists, David Francis Moore (Performance Artist and Conceptual Director), Breifne Holohan (Composer), Dan Reid (Composer), Sarah Ryan (Dance Artist), Stephanie Golden (Visual Artist).

Through discussion and improvised collaboration, the artists explore and challenge various aspects of perception and illusion through movement, light and visual projection, music and sound interaction technology. Currently still a work in progress, the eventual aim will be to create an interactive performance piece, set in a unique environment providing a refreshing experience for the audience.

It is neither fiction nor reflection, neither already spoken, nor never-before-spoken, but something that is in-between, things stuck in their state of latency, a language about the outside of language, speech about the invisible side of words. Collaborative Artists Company


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