Sarah Ryan Residency
by on July 31, 2017 in Dance

In April 2015, I took part in an artists’ residency held by dancer/choreographer, Sarah Ryan at Dancehouse, Dublin. Also involved in the residency were dancers, Marion Cronin and Dagmara Jerzak, and composer/guitarist, Dan Reid.










Under Sarah Ryan’s direction we explored the possibilities of merging dance with interactive sound technology. Using an array of physical controllers and sensors programmed by Dan Reid, the dancers could move while also having a direct effect on the music by interacting with these devices. Through this process Dan and I were able to improvise live and respond to the sounds the dancers gave us, thus creating a immersive collaborative experience between music and physical movement.


Filmed at Dancehouse, Dublin, April 2015.

Choreography – Sarah Ryan
Dancers – Marion Cronin, Dagmara Jerzak
Musicians – Dan Reid, Breifne Holohan

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