Welcome to Ballsgrove – Sean Mathews
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Welcome to Ballsgrove is the single and title track from Sean Mathews’ new album.

Video & Editing: Conor McGuinness / CMcG Visions
Drone footage: Dini Gashi

Recording, Production, and Mixing: Breifne Holohan
Location: Ballsgrove / St. Finian’s Park / Rathmullen area of Drogheda, Co. Louth, Ireland and in Gerrards Church, Mary St, Drogheda.

Sean Mathews: Vocals and 12-string guitar
Breifne Holohan: Guitars, octave mandolin, keyboards, percussion and programming

Lyrics & Music by Sean Mathews
Arrangement by Breifne Holohan with Sean Mathews

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